Build Energy Resilience for Homes & Businesses

Cambridge Renewables is MCS certified for both solar panel and battery storage installation
givenergy approved installer
Cambridge Renewables is RECC certified for both solar panel and battery storage installation
Cambridge Renewables is Trustmark accredited for renewables installation
Residential Solar panel Installation

Residential Solar Panel & Battery Installation Services

Reduce your electricity costs and build your home energy resilience!

Commercial Solar Installation Services

Create a reliable and sustainable energy source to power your business for the long term

KSTAR LFP battery system

Home Battery Installation Service

Perfect for families with EVs. Store off-peak electricity and surplus renewable energy.

DIY Solar Kits

Solar Kits for Farms

Empower Your Energy Independence: Build Your Ground-Mount Solar Power Plant!

50 kW | 100kWh BESS for SMEs

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, such as garden centres, farm shops, zoos, pubs, business parks, data centres and solar car parks …

Megawatt-Hour Containerized BESS

Customizable and scalable battery storage systems, ranging from 1 to 4 MWh, perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs

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