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Dr Yichen Shi

Dr Yichen Shi

Founder & CEo

Yichen holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge. He is passionate about renewable technologies, especially energy storage systems that can solve renewable energy’s intermittency problem and accelerate our pace towards a carbon neutral society. Yichen has over ten years of experience in R&D and supply chain management. He has worked with many manufacturers globally bringing innovative design concepts and products to the UK and EU.

Our mission

Empowering our communities with expert guidance, premier renewable energy solutions at affordable prices, and impeccable installation and maintenance services.

Configure Home Solar Power System

Welcome to Cambridge Renewables, where our journey began in 2022. Initially established as a distributor of a diverse range of battery energy storage systems for both residential and commercial use, our venture involved offering comprehensive products and installation training services to installers across the UK.

Throughout this period, our interactions with end-users lead to our transition from product-centric to service-oriented, evolving to provide integrated services encompassing consultation, bespoke design, installation, and maintenance. We believe that this not only reduces the overall project cost for our clients but also ensures they receive a renewable energy system precisely tailored to meet their individual needs.

Our commitment extends beyond the installation phase, as we are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer support and maintenance services, ensuring that our clients receive ongoing assistance and guidance throughout the lifespan of their renewable energy systems.

Residential Solar panel Installation
Commercial solar installation for business1
KSTAR Parallel 20 kWh
KSTAR 50 kW 100 kWh battery energy storage system

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