Empower Your Energy Independence: Build Your Own Solar Power Plant!

Vertical East-West Bifacial System

Classic Ground Mount System

Ground-mount Solar Kits

At Cambridge Renewables, we aim to foster energy resilience and sustainability by making solar power affordable for every home and business.

We’ve created two custom solar kits, allowing you to save on labour expenses while maximising ROI. These kits include top-quality products from leading manufacturers, ensuring reliability and performance.

Vertical East-West Bifacial System
(Double-Sided Panels)

Easy-to-install, low upkeep & Built-To-Last

– The installation is as simple as putting up a fence

– Unlike rooftop panels, they remain free from snow or dust coverage.

– Panels are shielded by tempered glass on both sides, housed in galvanised steel mullions and crossbeams.

– Dual tempered glass offers extra defense against physical damage and environmental factors like UV, moisture, and wind.

– Backed by a 30-year Performance Warranty.

How vertical bifacial panel works

Data analysis from Sunstream Energy

Production matches consumption

– Energy production from both sides and the yield is on a par with south-facing singled-sided panels at 35⁰ pitch angle.

– Morning & afternoon dual-energy production periods cover dairy farm milking times and result in minimal grid export and maximal self-consumption

– Higher self-consumption rate can be achieved when surplus solar energy is diverterd to heat up water.

– Enhanced winter output after snow as the vertical panels can capture ground-reflected sunlight.

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Image courtesy: Sunstream Energy

Integrating energy production with farming

– Takes up minimal ground space.

– Machinery operates between panel rows.

– Livestock can graze alongside.

– Suitable for slopes and uneven terrain.

– Doubles as fences or dividers.

– Typically exempt from planning permission when used as farm fencing.

Classic Ground Mount System

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– Supports and positioning clamps are pre-assembled for fast deployment

– Robust mounting structure comprises 2.8m C-shaped galvanised steel posts, 2.8m support girders and 5.2m rails

– Control over panel facing direction and tilt angle

– Suitable for uneven grounds and slopes

– Backed by a 25-year Performance Warranty.

Example 20 kW System with Power Diverter
£14,950 + VAT

Package Includes:

  48x 420W mono/bifacial solar panels

  Components of mounting structure

  Three-phase solar inverter

  Power diverter for solar water heating

  Support by an experienced solar electrician

  Grid connection application assistance

✓  Zero export setting in case of grid connection constraint

Estimated annual gains:

19 MWh electricity in Central England

4.4 metric ton CO2 reduction

£4220 savings on electricity bill

Payback time: 3.5 years

Estimates are based on a 74% solar self-consumption rate and 30p/kWh electricity price.

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  • Minimal install size 100 kW
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