Premium Solar Battery Storage for Your Home

   Store surplus electricity generated from renewable sources

 Save off-peak cheaper electricity and use it when rates are high

 Provide backup power during grid outages, ensuring that critical appliances remain operational

Cambridge Renewables is MCS certified for both solar panel and battery storage installation
tesla powerwall certified installer
givenergy approved installer
Cambridge Renewables is Trustmark accredited for renewables installation
Cambridge Renewables is RECC certified for both solar panel and battery storage installation

Why Choose Cambridge Renewablesas Your Solar Battery Installer

Fully Accredited

We are fully accredited by MCS and RECC for both Solar Battery Storage and Solar PV technologies. This means you will have consumer protection and insurance-backed workmanship warranties for both types of installations.

Competitive & Itemised Pricing

We not only provide competitive pricing for premium products and expert services but also offer a detailed breakdown of costs, giving you a clear view of your investment.

Experienced local Team

Our Cambridge and Suffolk-based installation teams have over 15 years of collective experience in electrical and renewable sectors. We have designed and installed battery energy storage systems for a diverse range of residential properties.

Premium Products

We only install products from reputable, established brands that not only offer local tech support but also provide long warranties. This gives you peace of mind regarding the performance and durability of your power system.

Our Solar Battery Installation Service

Not just an installation job

Onsite Survey

Electrical System Inspection:
1. Assess your current electrical system.
2. Determine any modifications required for seamless integration.

Inverter and Battery Placement:
Identify the optimal location for the inverter and battery system.

Energy Needs Evaluation:
Assess your energy requirements based on past electricity bills and future needs.


On the appointed installation date, our team will arrive at your house and have a brief conversation with you to confirm the installation details. Solar battery installation will be carried out by our experienced electricians, and usually take 1 day to complete.

After commissioning your battery system, we will show you how to navigate the settings on the inverter and monitor the operations using the dedicated mobile app.

Register Your System

We will register your solar battery system with your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for grid connection approval and regulatory compliance.

We will obtain the MCS certificate and register for insurance-back workmanship warranty for your battery system.

Remote Monitoring & Tech Support

We will add you to a WhatsApp support group where you can find a dedicated support engineer who will answer your questions, monitor your system operation, support you through future system upgrade and troubleshoot any technical issues.

Customer Reviews

patrick foy
patrick foy
I contacted several established local Solar/battery installation companies and found that Cambridge Renewables were by far the most competitive on price. My original enquiry was for a 5kW inverter, a 5kW battery, with approximately 18 solar panels, as this is a fairly standard installation for home owners. After choosing Cambridge Renewables for my installation, I customized my system to meet the functionality that I required. I installed a 16kW inverter and 20kW of battery storage, with 25 solar panels. This allows me to run the entire house without the need to draw power from the grid, under normal operating conditions, and export excess energy back to the grid at the most cost effective times. Communications with CN was excellent and they provided me with all of the necessary information and advice to correctly size my system. The quality of the installation work was extremely high and I would have no doubts in recommending Cambridge Renewable for domestic or commercial installations.
Rajendra Chaudhary
Rajendra Chaudhary
Yichen Shi is amazing, I needed advice about solar system I was planning to install, in particular, an appropriate battery that would work with dynamic Electricity tariff. Yichen gave me excellent advice. He is knowledgeable, practical, transparent and very helpful. Pleasure talking to you, I wish you were in the Northwest and could have done my project.
Derek Knight
Derek Knight
Working with Cambridge Renewables on a solar panel and battery installation project has been a very easy and successful process. From the first contact to the final commissioning it has been made easy by Yichen’s clear and rapid communication. Information supplied has always been accurate and he responded to questions immediately. The team who carried out the work was very pleasant and knowledgeable and worked hard to finish the installation in one day. The project was costed very competitively. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.
Christopher Collyer
Christopher Collyer
Provided me with a new 5KWH solar battery at a reasonable price and a full list of instructions on how to install it into my existing system. Gave me lots of advice and great service. Would highly recommend
Alex Foster
Alex Foster
Yichen and his team were fantastic from start to finish. Being a house on air source heat pumps, we go through a substantial amount of electricity, so we thought it would be best to go solar. Yichen guided us through the process and helped build a system most suited for our needs. Once the panels arrived, it took 3 days of install to complete (excluding scaffolding), the electricians were professional and courteous. The install looks very neat both on the roof and in the garage where the batteries and inverter were installed. Already within the first few weeks the system has shown to be really effective in reducing our daily bills to virtually nothing (and we are only in April!) Do not hesitate in using Cambridge Renewables, Yichen is really helpful and extremely knowledgable! Thanks again to him and his team
Chris Clowe
Chris Clowe
I’d like to say how impressed we’ve been with Cambridge Renewables throughout this entire process. When we started looking into getting PV solar, I expected it to be a headache throughout, but it wasn't. Yichen's attention to detail based on what would work best for us and the guidance was amazing. His workforce who carried out the installation work was fantastic aswell. We've only had the system live for about a week and already seen a massive drop in our electric usage from the grid, and this is late March / early April. I am more than confident we will break even on the investment within 6-7 years maximum. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Cambridge Renewables. If you're looking at PV Solar / Battery storage, call them.
Laura Wu
Laura Wu
We recently had Cambridge Renewables install an 8 kW solar power system and a 10 kWh battery for us, and we're really pleased with the service. The installers are knowledgeable, and took the time to explain everything in detail. They worked efficiently, taking 4 days from putting up the scaffolding, and made sure to tidy up before leaving. The system has been performing well so far. Overall, we're happy with our experience and would recommend them to others looking to go solar.
Jun Thompson
Jun Thompson
I experienced great communication, and a smooth installation. I'll wait to see what impact it has on our electricity bills - it's too soon to tell.
Neil French
Neil French
Amazing after sales service, came on-site to assist in configuration and provided product training. Will definitely use again for system future expansion.
Paul Dye
Paul Dye
Purchased a 5kw inverter with 10kw storage in February.Delivered out of hours,excellent communication. Working great 5 months on. Just about to get the same for my son.

0% VAT on Fully Installed Solar Battery SystemsUnbeatable Prices making home batteries affordable

GivEnergy 3.68 kW Gen3 Inverter + 5.2 kWh Battery

  4.2 kWh total usable capacity

  2.56 kW continuous power

  Expandable capacity: connect up to 5 battery packs per inverter

  Works with Octopus Smart Tariffs

  12-year warranty

Product Only: £2372 (incl. VAT & Shipping)

Fully Installed: £3690 (VAT Exempt)

Configure Your GivEnergy System. Get Cost Estimates in Seconds!

Sunsynk 5 kW Ecco Inverter + 10.2 kWh CATL Battery

  10.2 kWh total usable capacity

  5 kW continuous power output from the hybrid inverter

  Support various power sources: solar panel, wind turbine and generator, etc.

  Works with Octopus Smart Tariffs including Agile Octopus for energy trading

  Wall-mount or stacked configurations

Product Only:
£4924 (incl. VAT & Shipping)

Fully Installed:  £6280 £5376 (VAT Exempt)

Configure Your Sunsynk System. Get Cost Estimates in Seconds!

GivEnergy 13.5 kWh Battery with Backup Gateway

  13.5 kWh total usable capacity

  AC-Coupled integrated inverter

  6 kW continuous power output

  Backup gateway designed to ensure uninterrupted power supply

  Works with Octopus Smart Tariffs

  12-year warranty

Product Only: £5958 (incl. VAT & Shipping)

Fully Installed: £8850 £6942 (VAT Exempt)

Blog article: GivEnergy All-In-One Battery: Features, Benefits, Cost Savings and More

Tesla Powerwall 13.5 kWh Battery with Backup Gateway

  13.5 kWh total usable capacity

  AC-Coupled integrated inverter

  7kW peak / 5kW continuous power output

  Backup gateway designed to ensure uninterrupted power supply

  Expandable – Stack up to 10 Powerwalls

   Wide operating temperature range: -20°C to 50°C

   Best-in-class, beautifully designed smart phone app gives you precise control and real-time data

  10-year warranty

Fully Installed: £8875 £7875 (VAT Exempt)

Blog article: Tesla Powerwall 2 Performance Review

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We will use the provided information to suggest a home battery system that aligns with your energy needs. Our team will contact you to discuss the system’s design and installation costs. Should you decide to move forward with our proposal, we’ll arrange for an on-site survey to assess your current electrical setup.

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