KSTAR Commercial 50 kW / 100 kWh Solar Battery Storage System

50kW/100kWh Outdoor All-in-one PCS (Power Conversion System) Energy Storage Cabinet

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, such as garden centres, farm shops, schools, zoos, pubs, restaurants, micro-breweries, business parks, data centres, petrol stations and solar car parks …


Accept max. 100kW solar input (250 x 400W panels)

Discharge 50 kW from the battery to support the load

Up to 20 systems can be connected in parallel to provide max. 1 MW / 2 MWh capacity


User-friendly EMS can be operated via the built-in 7-inch touchscreen and cloud service

Customisable charging and discharging time periods

Fast charging – approx. 3 hrs from 10% to 100% SOC


Pre-assembled for easy outdoor installation

Built-in aircon maintains optimal working condition all year round

LFP battery cells made by the world No. 1 battery producer, CATL; guaranteed 10,000 cycle life

KSTAR PCS Features

Pre-assembled System

10,000-cycle LFP battery cells made by CATL; system pre-assembled in factory for easy onsite installation

Integrated Energy Management System

Built-in 7-inch LCD display for commissioning, monitoring and maintenance; 24/7 real-time cloud remote access and control

Wide Operating Temp. range

The weather-sealed and the temperature-controlled system can keep your business operational from -25 °C to 60 °C.

Two fire Suppression Systems

Fire supression at both cabinet and battery module levels

Integrated AC

Built-in AC for better ventilation and cooling

Connect up to 20 systems in parallel

Design and expand according to your business needs

Expand to 1MW / 2MWh On-grid & 500kW / 1MWh Off-grid

Customisable charging & discharging time

Charge the system using surplus solar during the day and discharge in the night to supply the load

Charge with off-peak electricity (max. 3 hrs from 10% to 100% SOC)

DC & AC Dual Power

The system can supply both AC and DC

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The only all-in-one modular ESS designed for a variety of SME application scenarios
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