Megawatt-Hour Containerized Energy Storage System

MWh Pre-assembled BESS

Customizable and scalable battery storage systems, ranging from 1 to 4 megawatt hours, perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs

Preassembled in 20 and 40 ft containers, ensuring effortless transportation and deployment.

Equipped with an industry-leading, user-friendly Energy Management System (EMS) that can be easily customized to align with the unique requirements of your project

Application scenarios

Power Generation Side

Retrieval of abandoned wind and solar energy, improving power forecasting accuracy, auxiliary frequency control

Grid Side

Providing emergency backup and dynamic reactive power support, improving the capacity to accept intermittent renewable energy types, improving gain through faster demand-side responses and peak shaving.

Multi-energy complementarity and microgrid side

Postpone costly infrastructure upgrades, improving energy utilization efficiency, energy arbitraging, providing reliable power for remote areas.

User Side

Reducing electricity costs, providing emergency backup, improving power quality and demand responses.


Battery CompartmentComponents
1LFP battery systemRated capacity: 2150 ~ 4300 kWh, including battery module, battery pack, battery rack, BMS, control cabinet, battery interconnection harness, etc.

Cell nominal capacity: 280Ah
Cell nominal voltage: 3.2V
Battery pack: Cell 1P16S, 51.2V 280Ah
Battery cluster: Battery pack 1P25S, 358.4 kWh
Container nominal energy: 6 ~ 12 clusters totaling 2150 ~ 4300 kWh (90%DOD, 0.5C)
2Firefighting SystemHeptafluoropropane fire suppression cabinet, portable dry powder fire extinguisher, temperature sensor and smoke sensor, combustible gas sensor, sound and light alarm, etc.
Intelligent Auxiliary System: Including explosion-proof lighting, cameras, DVRs, access control, etc.
3Intelligent Auxiliary SystemIncluding explosion-proof lighting, CCTVs, DVRs, access control, etc.
4Temperature Control SystemMeeting the cooling needs inside the battery compartment.
5Container20 or 40-foot container
Including container body, insulation material, lighting, internal low-voltage wiring, air vents, and access control.
Power Conversion System (PCS) Compartment

Rated power 1000 ~ 2000 kW, AC output 35 kV/50Hz
1Battery InverterRated power 1000 kW, AC output 690V/50Hz, DC input range 1000V~1500V, three-phase three-wire, without isolation transformer.
21000 ~ 2000 kVA Dry-type TransformerSCB11-1000/35, (1000 kVA) or SCB11-2000/35, (2000 kVA)

10/0.69 kV, Dy11, Uk=8%, equipped with temperature control fans.
3High Voltage Cabinet35 kV high voltage cabinet (vacuum load switch + fuse).
4Transformer Monitoring and ControlCYG PRS-3342GB
5Bay Layer SwitchIES618-3F
3 Gigabit optical, 5 Gigabit electric
6UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply1 kVA standard unit
7Control Cabinet and AccessoriesIncluding 10 kVA distribution transformer, ATS switch, distribution switch, etc.
8Auxiliary Control SystemVideo surveillance, fire control, access control, electromagnetic lock, etc.
9Busbar Connections Inside the CompartmentIncluding busbar connections between PCS and transformer, transformer and high voltage chamber; Also including communication cables.
10Container20-foot standard container, including distribution,
Length 6058mm * Width 2438mm * Height 2896mm.
Energy Management System (Indoor Installation)Components
1Monitor Cabinet
1.1Data Server and Monitor SystemInspur NF5270M5 Dual Power Supply
Processor 64-bit
CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon 3204 (6 cores per processor)
Frequency: 1.9GHz
Memory: 16GB DDR4
Graphics Card: 2GB
Dedicated graphics card (supports dual-screen display, 2 VGA interfaces)
Hard Drive: 2TB SATA
Ethernet Ports: 4
Gigabit Ethernet ports (i350 chipset);
Mouse, Keyboard: 1 set
Serial Port: 1
Sound Card: 1
USB Ports: Minimum of 4
2 x 550W dual power supply
1.2MonitorTP Vision E970SWN5
19-inch LCD monitor
1.3DatabaseOpen-source database
1.4Operating SystemOpen-source operating system
CentOS 7.4
1.5Backend Monitoring SoftwareCYG PRS-3000
1.6Network PrinterA4 printer, Lenovo LJ2655DN
2Communication Cabinet
2.1Synchronization Master Clock (BD+GPS)PRS-7391-G (BD+GPS)
Input: Beidou+GPS time synchronization+B code input
Output: 6 RS232/485 ports; supports 36, 48, 60 PPS/PPM/IRIG-B
30-meter antenna, lightning arrester, dual power supply AC220V, DC110/220V adaptive
1 NTP time synchronization output
2.2Telecontrol Communication Management UnitCYG PRS-7910
2.3Network switchPRS-7961B
100Mbps, 24 electrical ports, 4 optical ports
2.4Microgrid Central ControllerPRS-3201
Peak shaving and valley filling, anti-reverse flow, communication forwarding
(for PCS, air conditioning, fire control), data transmitted to the cloud via 104 (client), SOC periodic calibration, energy-saving control for air conditioning, demand management, demand response, limited power mode/off-grid support
2.5UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)EVADA HQ30GRL-2H (2-hour rack-mounted)
3K (rack-mounted, 2-hour backup)
Includes 1 battery box, 1 set of battery connection cables, 6 sections of 12V/80AH batteries
Battery dimensions: 331mm (length) * 173mm (width) * 224mm (height)
2.6Fiber Optic AccessoriesIncludes fiber optic junction box, fiber optic distribution frame, patch cords, optoelectronic transceivers, etc.
3.1WorkstationThinkStation P340s
Processor: 64-bit
CPU: i5-10500 (six cores)
Frequency: 3.1GHz
Memory: 16GB
Graphics Card: 2GB dedicated graphics card GT710 (supports VGA+DVI+HDMI interfaces, comes with 1 HDMI to VGA adapter)
Hard Drive: 1TB SATA
Ethernet Ports: 2 ports; 100/1000M adaptive
Mouse, Keyboard: 1 set
Serial Port: 1
Onboard Sound Card: 1
Single Power Supply: 310W
Dimensions: 92.5mm W * 309.7mm D * 339.5mm H
3.2MonitorTP Vision 24P1U
24-inch LCD monitor
3.3Operating SystemOpen-source operating system
CentOS 7.4

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